Membership application

Ipnet has five types of membership: Full member, Associate member, Individual member, Honorary member and Corporate member.
The application form to become a member of Ipnet is available here.

Full member (200 Euro):
A full member can only be a Centre for Porphyria Expertise that renders clinical and laboratory services to porphyria patients, that is free of political or other influences and that meets certain requirements (see statutes).

Associate member (100 Euro):     
- Centres of Porphyrias that do not yet fulfill the criteria for being an Ipnet Centre of Expertise.
- Porphyria patient organizations.

Individual member (20 Euro):
- Health care professionals and scientists with an interest in porphyria.

Honorary member:
Individuals nominated by Ipnet Executive Board (EB) in recognition of their contribution to the field of porphyrias.

Corporate member (10 000 Euro):
Commercial companies with an interest in the field of porphyria.