Ipnet webinars 2021

THE PORPHYRIAS WEBINAR SERIES 2021 (Introduction for nonexperts) In these webinars, you will learn when to suspect, how to diagnose and how to treat the porphyrias with the support of case histories. The webinars are aimed at clinicians and specialists in laboratory medicine who are not experts in porphyria.

I. Diagnosing and managing the acute porphyrias – the basics
Thursday 25 March 2021



II. Diagnosing and managing the erythropoietic protoporphyrias – the basics
Thursday 15 April 2021


III. Porphyria cutanea tarda – the basics
Thursday 6 May 2021


PCT additional questions and answers : As Pr. Sverre Sandberg indicates at the end of this video, additional questions were answered offline by specialists, and can be consulted in a separate document, following this link.

IV. Laboratory diagnosis of porphyrias for non-specialist laboratories
Thursday 16 September 2021