An international network of experts working together to improve healthcare services for porphyria patients

Epnet is now transformed to Ipnet, the International Porphyria Network.
As a consequence of this, non-European Epnet members, that until now have been associate members, can apply to be full members of Ipnet. They will be required to fulfil the criteria for full members and complete the application form (link given below). Full members have voting rights at the Ipnet General Meeting. If you don’t want to change your membership status, you don’t have to do anything.

Ipnet will now have five membership categories, full members, associate members, individual members, honorary members and corporate members (for details and application forms see this page).

The new domain for the website is now, but there will be an automatic link from the previous domain.

We do think that this is a major step forward to the benefit of patients and health care professionals worldwide.

      Sverre Sandberg              Eliane Sardh
      Ipnet President                Ipnet Secretary

On behalf of the Ipnet Executive Board

Ipnet, the International Porphyria Network, is a non-profit learned association (or scientific association), having its office in Bergen, Norway.
Ipnet will promote fundamental and clinical research in the field of porphyrias, improve knowledge of the porphyrias and facilitate best practice in their treatment and diagnosis by accommodating and interconnecting expert activities across the world in the service of porphyria patients.