South Africa

Cape Town
Nom du centre
UCT Porphyria Labs
Adresse complète
K-floor, Old GSH Main Building,
Groote Schuur Drive, Observatory,
Cape Town 7925, South Africa
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021 406 6332
Prof. Peter Meissner / Prof. Wendy Spearman from 2023
Email /
+27 (0) 21 406 6206 / +27 (0) 404 5228
Laboratory diagnosis of the porphyrias – qualitative and quantitative porphyrin and precursor (ALA&PBG) analyses. Genetic screening for the common variegate porphyria-associated mutation in South Africa (R59W PPOX mutation), and common genetic haemochromatosis genes. Biochemical interpretation of porphyrin excretory profiles.
Clinical service to porphyria patients, inpatient and outpatient – hospital management of porphyria acute attacks, monitoring and assessment of porphyria clinical activity in patients via outpatient clinic (run through the Clinical Hepatology Division at GSH-UCT).
Porphyria information service for patients, their families and doctors, including drug safety advice.